We are Anonymous | An American Suite | Oscillator 1

“Understanding brings understanding. Truth brings truth. Love brings love. What do you bring? We are Anonymous.”

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“We are Anonymous” is an American perspective on the failure of Western geopolitics since 9/11.

1. The Fall [Attacks on WTC, September 11, 2001]
2. A Great Cause [Presidential Address, September 20, 2001]
3. Battlefield 3 [Beginning of Iraq War, March 20, 2003]
4. A Flash of Red [Iraq Veterans Confessions, 2008]
5. Baghdad Secret Subway [Anonymous Speech]
6. Change [Obama Presidential Campaign, 2008]
7. Justice Will Be Done [From Bin Ladens Death to the Islamic State, 2011-2015]

As performed live by Oscillator 1 in Labor Liebe on May 16th, 2015.

Oscillator 1 are Rock Strongo and Robert Defcon.

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